1.  Profile of company

GEO-GEAR Industrial Co.,Ltd  has been established in 2001. We specialized on production and processing products are used for mechanical such as: produce and process components of mortocycle, automotive, metal products are used for industrial motor, parts of air –conditioner, camera, hopistal molds, parts of lock, other parts etc…

Orientation of development along with creating a good working environment for employees by determining  everyone’s values contribution, encourage equality, confirm work efficiency well and promote equal working environment, observe right and interest of every individual. For more than 10 years of development, we have been many employees are creative, self-motivated, hard-working, inquiring mind. Along with contribution of experienced professionals in machanical engineering

2 Business concept

-     Prestigious cooperation

-     Strive actively

-     Long-term business

3.  Policy of Quality

-     Not accept defective products

-     Not produce defective products

-     Not outfow defective products

4Policy of Environment

-     Save resources

-     Reducing scrap, recycling scrap

-     Preventing pollution

5.  Customer satisfaction

For us, the customers are basis, the sole reason to exist and develop. We never stop learning, listening, analyzing and understanding the needs of each customer and apply our experience, skills, thought to create better competitive products not only meet the needs of existing customers, but also towards demands of market in the future.

With desire will serve customers better and more thoroughly, we are always ready to receive and thank all the suggestion, the cooperation of customers.

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